Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Playing favorites no more.

I started blogging with such enthusiasm last year, electronically trying to fulfill what my social life was lacking. I'm perfectly happy to socialize electronically, which would mean that I AM social. Thank heavens, I was worried. I truly enjoy seeing what is happening in everyone's life. It's those get-togethers that I have a little trouble with. I enjoy reading everyone else's blog to see what's up and pray for you all. But, I'm ashamed to admit it. Facebook has become my favorite child. And that's just wrong. (But I can see your photos on Facebook..)

However, now realizing that my blog doesn't have to be a novel each time, I'll tell about the blessings of my summer.

Blessing: Having all my kids together. When I was younger, I prayed that God would give me a "family" and He has given me abundantly above what I could imagine. (Not just in numbers..) They all love each other as family should. They go out to sibling breakfast on Saturday mornings, which blesses my heart because they love each other and are friends. I'm not ashamed of any of them, or of what they are doing. (I said this because saying "proud" sounds so "motherish" and trite.)

Blessing: Amber Ridley came home with Grace in May, on her way to PNG for a summer mission trip. This lovely young lady blessed us with her sweet loving spirit and sense of humor. She was immediately adopted. It was a huge blessing to pick her up at LAX on her return trip and to visit with her during her 12 hour lay-over. The blessings from her mission trip were just spilling over (she had been awake for a few days running, so she was a bit delirious) and it was a joy to visit with her and hear what our wonderful God is doing in her life and in PNG.

Blessing: My lovely husband gave me a well needed vacation from my mom's shenanigans. He took her to the hospital last spring, when she wouldn't call 911 as I insisted. No she needed me to take her to urgent care or she'd take a taxi. "Fine then. You can take a taxi or call 911, because you need an ambulance and a trip to the ER." I know it sounds cold, but she will never consent to do what I think is best for her, and I won't transport her in my car again if I feel she will probably keel over! Bob couldn't let her take a taxi. Bobs are that way. (This is why I'm amazed that God granted me a lovely family... I'm so undeserving) Well, he spent his night with her in urgent care, and then, as always, after hours of tests and observation, they sent her by ambulance to the ER. After their bonding experience it was like the attachment implied when you feed a stray cat.. You are obligated to keep it up. So he took stuff to her in the hospital. He helped me feed the cats. He brought her home from the convalescent home. He answered all her crazy calls and did all the interacting with her over the summer, giving me a well needed vacation. It is so taxing to argue with her over everything, and to hear how she needs me to be more than I am. Now he's burned out and I'm refreshed, so I'll take the job back. (See Elisabeth's blog...) This was a huge blessing.

Well, I'm going to play at Trinity Lutheran's library now. (Another blessing) So, I will continue blogging my blessings later. In a very small Ben Bailey's words," Our God IS an awesome guy!" God was also good to give us Ben Bailey... another blessing. They're everywhere I look.

And may He bless you with His presence today.