Thursday, February 18, 2010

We ARE Lost...doodoodeedoodoo

So, I started watching the series Lost (doodoodeedoodoo) while sitting on the runway at O'Hare in bad weather. They didn't know what the weather on our flight path was like, so they sent out a sacrificial lamb plane. "Sorry for the inconvenience, but we haven't heard from the plane we sent to check for bad weather. Perhaps they're ... going to get back to us in a few minutes."

I sat watching a portable DVD player displaying plane wreckage and bodies strewn all over. It dawned on me that I might be upsetting the passengers around me so I tilted the screen slightly for more privacy. The story was good. Lots of drama. A smoke monster that snatches people and gruesomely kills them.

I told the friend I was visiting that I was enjoying the series and she said,"I watched it for a while, but every episode was the same. 'Aaa, aaa, something's chasing us, run!!'" After a couple of discs I realized that she was right, but I had to know what was next.

Then we started making Jin jokes. "Udders!" "Fish." (pronounced feeesh) A new element refreshed the show with the introduction of the need to press the button to reset the timer every so many minutes, to keep the place from being destroyed. "New" "others" began appearing. We found that people were related to each other like an Arkansas family tree. Somehow, Jin learned English in about 3 months "Lost" time (doodoodeedoodoo). Of course, the new element of time travel may have given him an edge. People kept trying to get off the island, just to return to it of their own volition.

Somewhere in the middle of season 5 (doodoodeedoodoo), I was really tiring of the whole thing. Julie assured me that this was the last season and all would resolve. But this series is like a bad case of cockroaches. Even blowing it up with an H bomb didn't kill it. (Like that song... The cat came back- the very next day.. mmwwaaahahahahahaha)

So, yes, with renewed hope that the series will end, I continue following it. There are now OTHER "others". The smoke monster is still on its murderous rampage and we still don't know why anyone is there.

And today it dawned on me. THE SERIES ITSELF IS THE ISLAND. We are the captives. We keep being duped and deceived and still return for more. When we are tired of the whole thing and just want to go home, it offers just the right thing so that we blow up the escape sub or the freighter. After escaping, we willingly leave LA, get back on a disaster-bound airliner and end up in the same place we've been for 5 years. Lost. (doodoodeedoodoo)

It's like sin- "Takes you farther than you want to go, costs more than you want to pay, keeps you longer than you want to stay."

However, they promise that THIS is the last season. So, who's with me on the island? And why are we here?? doodoodeedoodoo

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  1. So, the doctor who is Jack Shepherd's dad is also Claire Littleton's father, is also Nancy Carnahan's father on Trauma. This man is just sick!
    Arkansas family tree, indeed.